Introducing the new WLM podcast segment: "OEUVRE"!


We've been embarrassingly sparse in our content output here at We Like Movies, of late. We're aware of this, we're ashamed, and we're endeavoring to remedy the situation. Work obligations, travel obligations, summertime obligations... They've all conspired to impose an obnoxious, mid-summer hiatus.

But fear not! We return to you now with the introductory podcast to a brand spanking new segment we've lovingly monikered: "Oeuvre". This on-going feature will examine entire bodies of work for selected filmmakers and we will break down and dissect that director's filmography- working backwards from their most recent film to their debut.

Our first victim: Terrence Malick (we felt it prudent to begin with a director who is undeniably important but represents a decidedly more "modest" resume than his peers), he of the grass-level Steadicam move and the reflexive, whispered voice-over. But, I'm being overly simplistic. The man is so much more than the sum of his gimmicks. Join us for this introductory episode where we pitch our mission statement, and argue as to why Malick is the perfect auteur to begin with.
A new adventure awaits. We're so happy to have you with us.