That's a wrap on CASSIDY RED!


After almost a year of planning and prep and 18 whirlwind days of production in the triple digit Southern Arizona heat, WLM co-editor Matt Knudsen's directorial debut "CASSIDY RED" has officially wrapped principal photography. Hundreds of personal thank yous and ovations will be going out over the next few months as production wraps up and segues into post. But We Like Movies would like to personally offer heartfelt gratitude to the readers, podcast listeners, and WLM family members who have supported this project either through Kickstarter donation, signs of good faith in the comments section, or votes of confidence through the blog or iTunes. This project still has many miles to go before it sees a movie screen but the entire reason that it has been successful up to this point is because of supporters like YOU.

Thank you for believing in this film and thank you for your continued patronage of the ongoing We Like Movies internet experiment. We appreciate your appreciation.